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During its crawling process Sourcerer 1.0 adds new and updated images to the index of «IMG SRC ORG».

Please note that Sourcerer 1.0 will not add all images to its index nor there any guarantee for the inclusion of submitted pages or images to the index.

By following these criteria you will encrease the probability of a successful submission to «IMG SRC ORG»:

  1. make sure your image is a valid JPEG file,
  2. make sure your image is not extremely small nor extremely big (Sourcerer will accept images from 150 to 1500 pixels in width or height only),
  3. make sure your image is not of extremely low or high file size (Sourcerer accepts images from 8 to 130 kb).

Furthermore note that Sourcerer 1.0 tries to detect and exclude banners from the «IMG SRC ORG» index. These images often are surrounded by or captioned with special acknowledgments — or they are either extremely wide or tall. So best try to keep your images in the usual aspect ratios of photographs and keep them far from blatant captions like «CLICK HERE to visit our sponsor!!!» or undeceiving ones like «Advertisement».

Very seldom images that are extremely monochromatic or contain a very high amount of purely white areas might be suspected by the quality assurance bot to be sofware mistakes. In very rare cases these images might be automatically erased.

Submit a Page to «IMG SRC ORG»

Even though «IMG SRC ORG» is  the most visual web-wide image search, the textual context of the indexed images is highly required for «IMG SRC ORG» to work properly. In case you would like to know what «IMG SRC ORG» exactly indexes, read the Sourcerer documentation.

Controlling Sourcerer 1.0

To keep Sourcerer 1.0 off your grounds, you can use «robots.txt» in your web root and Robot-Metatags on each web page to manage Sourcerer 1.0. A very good introduction on the robots.txt with explanations can be found at «The Web Robots Pages». And if you prefer to use meta tags (or if you are not allowed to write to your server's root), have a look at the «HTML Author's Guide to the Robots META tag».

If you experience any problems feel free to write to submit at image-source dot org.





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«IMG SRC ORG» is a project of johannes p osterhoff.

Note: Main features by now are accessable only from the local network of Merz Akademie, Stuttgart.