«IMG SRC ORG» is a tool for searching images on the web. Even though it was made under artistic claim and also for a specialized audience, it schould be very easy for any user to shape queries and to receive the required results.

Therefore «IMG SRC ORG» offers the possibility to «cycle» these queries. First draw in the upper canvas, then use the «SRC tool» tool select areas the image you seek should be similar to. If you found an image you like and that is similar to the image you are looking for, you can re-use this picture. Copy it to the lower canvas with clicking on the «Re-Use button» located under the image and edit it in the lower canvas. From there you can move it (or its parts) to the upper canvas again to formulate a new query or to modify the last one.

Main tools

The «Drawing tool» lets you paint squares on each canvas with the color selected before.
With the «Select tool» you can mark colored areas on each canvas for further manipulation.
The «Source tool» allows you to «press» on the canvas and therby activate your query. With this tool you can search for similar areas in other images.

Manipulation of selected Areas

The levers for «Transparency» and «Light» manipulate transparency and brightness of blocks that have been selected with the selection tool. Clicks on the left of the «Transparency tool» will make blocks more opaque, while clicking on the right will make them more transparent. If you want to widen your search you should draw more transparent blocks; if you would like a result is matching an exact color, you should leave the blocks as opaque as possible. If nothing is selected, the changes apply on the complete canvas.
These are the levers for changing the red, green and blue values of selected blocks. When you click on the right of «R» you can increase the «redishness» of the selected blocks; accordingly you can increase a blocks's amount of green color when selecting it and then clicking on left side of lever «G».

With the arrows around each canvas, you can move selected blocks in the «Select mode». When using the «Source tool», clicking the arrows will move the pressed blocks. (In each mode you also can use the arrow-keys on the keyboard; hold the SHIFT key to do the same on the second canvas.)


To tranfer the selected blocks on the lower canvas to the upper one you have two possibilities. The first mode will replace all blocks on the upper canvas with the ones selected on the lower one. The shortcut on your keyboard for this action is «R».
The other mode does not replace the blocks on the upper canvas with the lower one, it mixes their colors instead. The more often you click this button, the more the upper blocks will take on the colors of the lower ones. The shortcut on your keyboard for this action is «M».


These tools let you select the color in that you would like to draw. Click on the upper palette to get a set of brighter and darker shades of the same color indicated in the lower palette. The selected color then will be indicated. If you click while holding the SHIFT key on a palette element, the secondary color is set. You can flip from primary to secondary color by clicking on the shape connecting the colors in the indicator or by pressing «F» on your keyboard.


«IMG SRC ORG» does not limit your search to a visual one only. With the drop-down-box between both canvases you can choose to search for «Headings», «Alt-Tags» or the context a image was found in by Sourcerer 1.0. Or you can search all. Enter a word in the field besides and «IMG SRC ORG» will show images on the right hand side. (Fearure disabled by now.)

Coming soon: an upload feature is planned. The «Upload Tool» will let you upload your own pictures for modification and manipulation to query «IMG SRC ORG». You will be capable of doing this on both canvases.





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«IMG SRC ORG» is a project of johannes p osterhoff.

Note: Main features by now are accessable only from the local network of Merz Akademie, Stuttgart.