Contacs and Legal Notice

«IMG SRC ORG» is a project of johannes p osterhoff.

In case you have any questions, suggestions or complaints please drop me a line at


«IMG SRC ORG» and «IMG SRC» are parts of a complementary work that was made at Merz Akademie, Stuttgart during the studies from 2005 to 2006 on «European Media Master of Arts».

Cincere thanks goes to my professor Olia Lialina (without her nothing would be as good as it is now), to Ilya Shlyakhovoi (without his flash-genius the interface would not be), to Alexander Götz (without him PHP and Actionscript would still refuse to communicate) and to Tobias Heide (without him my mailserver still would attack many others).

Additional thanks goes to my teachers Wilhelm Bermann, Prof. Helmut Draxler, Dragan Espenschied, Dr. Jürgen Riethmüller as well as to the administrators of Merz Akademie Daniel Miericke and Thomas Kraus.

Furthermore I would like to thank my family; also my friends and colleagues Valeska K. Bührer, Tobias Bräuer, Jörg Frohnmayer, Simone Ganß, Daniel Jander, Tobias Müller, Arne Michel and Stefan Renz.





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«IMG SRC ORG» is a project of johannes p osterhoff.

Note: Main features by now are accessable only from the local network of Merz Akademie, Stuttgart.